Up Lighting

If you've never seen the way Up-Lighting transforms a function space, it'll truly take your breath away. Adding color brings life and extra excitement into any venue can completely change not only the look, but the entire feel of your event. 

Precision Weddings uses all LED based fixtures. This means, no heat, no fire hazard, and no worrying about available power consumption. Our lights are 100% computer controlled and capable of generating any color, pattern, fade, blend, or scheme you can dream up. Whether you're looking for a single solid custom color, a smooth fade, or fast changing nightclub transitions, we can make it happen! 

In short, Up-Lighting warms function spaces with vivid colors, adding a "WOW" factor as guests arrive. Our services are always affordable, and competitively priced in today's ever changing market. It's guaranteed to boost the party atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your friends and family long after the event has concluded. Up-Lighting also allows for beautifully crafted pictures for your guests with cameras, and especially your hired professional photographers.

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